tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2014

Dio in Junior Handling

I have never before even seen a Junior Handler competition but as I got a request for one of my boys, I jumped to the opportunity. As Tao was still one day too young and Karma just isn't suitable for such competitions (lets face it: he is just wayyy too bossy towards strangers in the ring), it was up to Dio to "man the boat" in Porvoo all breeds show on 13.9. Luckily he is also the one who knows how to stack freely and has a friendly temperament. The Junior Handler was to be the talented Justiina Mahlamäki (one of the top competitors at WDS). I was a bit nervous of course since Dio and Justiina didn't have a chance to meet before the show due to long distance. Luckily Justiina is a real professional and she really knew how to show the best sides of Dio. Well, except for the whining :) Dio is such a silly boy and whines in the ring when a stranger is handling him. Unfortunatelly Justiina & Dio did not palce this time, but at least they managed to get some smiles out of people with Dio's silly ways :)

pic (c) Pasada, Petri Örling

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