tiistai 2. syyskuuta 2014

SuBa's Match show

The Finnish Basenji club (SuBa) organized a match show in Helsinki on Sunday 31.8. As our show committee has only seven members, it was a lot of work. Luckily we got some help during the actual show day, so everything went pretty smoothly. The weather was really nice and everyone was able to enjoy the day ringside. We got about 50 entries and so many beautiful, well behaving dogs :) I'll add some photos as soon as I have time to go through them.

Tao was entered to the class for small puppies totally extempore and he was handled by dear friend Ari. Despite some puppy-like (=wild) behavior Tao won the red ribbon and was finally second in his class. Thanks Ari!

Dio was helping out in the junior handler ring. All the talented junior handlers got to try out how to show a basenji and Dio sure didn't make it too easy for them! They all survived though :)

It was such a nice day that we in the show committee decided right there and then that we must do it again. Possibly next spring? Everyone helped out so nicely (even members from further away sent trophies, nice prizes and food for the buffet) that I can't be anything but happy. Thank you guys!!

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